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"Ray was one of the first angel investors in People.ai and saw the passion we had for helping sales organizations before anyone else. In addition to new customer intros early on, he helped us recruit in our first sales hire who led or our organization through the Series A milestone and is still with the company today (4+ years later)."
"My Co-Founder and I hung out in Ray's office for many months as we got Sendoso off the ground. I saw first-hand the energy and excitement he injects into revenue teams and he's got a killer network in GTM SaaS. Given we were a complimentary company to Engagio, he helped us get our first few reps aligned with his sales team and personally referred countless marketers in his network to give us a shot. Ray is now a good friend and has helped us bring in some great talent into roles up and down the organization."
"I got to know Ray at our Seed stage before COVID-19 and before remote work was the rage. We shared a similar passion for the future of work being remote and he's helped us amplify that message with early-stage software entrepreneurs in his network. When I call Ray for advice on GTM, it's always time well spent and it saves me the stress and hassle in trying to figure out the right answers to various scenarios on my own."
"When we started Reprise, Ray immediately came to mind as someone that could help us spread the word and ensure we were building a solution to solve real problems felt by real Revenue leaders. We're building a new category when it comes to changing the way salespeople demo and the founding team and I saw Ray's experience as the perfect match for the journey we have ahead. He's responsive, always looking to help, and available to kick around some of my wacky ideas when I need a sounding board."
"I've known Ray for many years and he was one of the first people that came to mind that I wanted to involve as a strategic advisor to CoSell. He's an innovator and carries a good deal of influence with our core Ideal Customer Profile (Sales, Marketing etc). I hand-picked 9 people from his network to chat with for some early-stage feedback and evangelization and he ended up connecting me with 6 of them within 1 week of the ask"