Growth Stage GTM Recruiting

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The best sales people never “need” a job. If you want to attract the best, you’ve got to design your hiring process in a way that will pull top performers in. Every role should have a hiring “committee” with specific questions that map to your company values along with the skillsets you’ve observed that have translated to success in the past. Pay fairly, root for your reps to break your comp plan, give them a career path for increased earnings in the future with success and learn to avoid the “nomads” who go from name-brand saas company to name-brand saas company for 12-15 months and
then move on to the next.

Talent Assessment

▢ Assess existing talent in seats

▢ Make career path recommendations for stronger players

▢ Create ideal candidate personal matrix

Interview Tools

▢ Culture / values based interview carousel creation

▢ How to assess audio, video, written and interpersonal communication skills

▢ Reference check process and questionaire

▢ Create job postings

Landing the Best People

▢ Identify and communicate top traits for success in role

▢ Build competitive comp bands for different segments / business units

▢ Access to Ray's networtk and top performers looking for their next adventure